Why? That is the question….

Clients have asked me why are we called Fusion Focus and why do we do what we do?

We are called Fusion Focus because we have merged our IT focus and our HR focus, to provide our customers with IT and People Solutions.

Many of our customers are small to medium sizes business that do not have their own HR or IT Departments, nor do they need them. Fusion Focus aims to make it easier for businesses to access support for IT or people issues, from one trusted company.

Why is HR important some may ask? People are the core to any business. Without happy, skilled  and motivated teams, how does any business succeed? When people are unhappy, productivity and customer satisfaction are the first things to suffer. If you are not recruiting the right staff or addressing performance issues, any Manager will tell you, you are in a world of hurt. HR advice can provide assistance with recruitment and training to ensure you are getting the right people and training them effectively.

If you have a staff member who is not performing or not demonstrating professional behaviour, the whole team is in-effective and can bring the morale down of everyone if not addressed.

We believe that rewarding and recognising staff and undertaking workforce planning, can make a real difference to any business’s bottom line.

Why does Fusion Focus provide IT services? Firstly, because we can explain technical issues or solutions in an easy to understand language. This can be hard to find these days. Our customers truly value it.

We understand small business and the budget restrictions you might have, we can work with any budget.

Most importantly, if your IT systems are slow or not working, how do you get your business’s work done. If you don’t have effective backups, what do you risk losing?

We can help with any IT or HR issues you might have. Please give us a call and we would be happy to help.